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- Installation should only be performed by a trained professional.
- Make sure to get 6-8 FULL TURNS of the lug bolts when tightening.
- Be sure to torque the lug bolts to manufacturer specifications
- Check and re-torque all lug bolts after 25-50 miles of driving
- Failure to follow proper procedures may cause your lug bolts to come undone while driving

Porsche Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

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2 Pc Black Full Hub Centric Wheel Spacers + 10 Black R14 OEM Factory Lug Bolts (For Factory Wheels Only)


Complete Bolt-On Kit

Spacer Specs | Qty: 2 | Bolt Pattern: 5x130 MM | Thickness: 20 MM | Hub Bore: 71.5 MM | Finish: Black Anodized | Material: Forged 6061 T6 Aluminum

Lug Bolt Specs | Qty: 10 Pc | Seat Type: Ball ( R14 ) | Thread Pitch: 14x1.5 | Shank Lenth: 48 MM | Finish: Black Zinc | Grade 10.9 Steel | Corrosion/Rust Resistant | Ball Swivel R14 = For Factory Wheels

TRUE HUB CENTRIC: Venum Spacers Will Not Compromise Your Vehicle's Performance. Perfect For Fixing Clearance Issues. Achieve An Aggressive Stance.

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