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Upgrade the look and performance of your Porsche with our 2 Pc Hub Centric Wheel Spacers. These spacers are designed to be a perfect fit for Porsche vehicles, featuring a 5x130 mm bolt pattern and a 71.5 hub bore size. They are 20mm thick, which provides an optimal amount of space between your wheels and hub assembly, resulting in a more aggressive stance and better handling.


Our spacers are hub-centric, meaning that they fit perfectly onto the hub assembly of your Porsche, ensuring a smooth and vibration-free ride. They are made from high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes them both lightweight and durable, able to withstand the rigors of daily driving and high-performance use.


Our wheel spacers are easy to install and do not require any modifications to your Porsche's hub or suspension. Simply remove your wheel, mount the spacer onto the hub, and then reinstall the wheel onto the spacer using the included lug nuts. It's that easy!


In addition to their functional benefits, our spacers also enhance the appearance of your Porsche, giving it a more aggressive and sporty look. The spacers are finished in a sleek black anodized coating, which is both durable and stylish.


Overall, our 2 Pc Hub Centric Wheel Spacers are an excellent upgrade for any Porsche owner looking to improve the performance and appearance of their vehicle. With their perfect fit, lightweight construction, and sleek design, these spacers provide a perfect balance of form and function.

2 Pc Hub Centric Wheel Spacers | 20 mm Thick | 5x130 mm 71.5 for Porsche

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