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Corsa Rally Experience: A Porsche Enthusiast's Take


If you've been curious about what it's like to participate in a car rally, you're in for a treat. This blog post will take you through my exhilarating experience at the Corsa America Rally, a 5-day journey that stretched from Tampa to Miami with a stopover in Orlando. This was an adrenaline-packed, social, and incredibly fun experience, something I recommend every car enthusiast should try at least once.

What is a Car Rally?

Supercars in Miami Beach

For those unfamiliar, a car rally is a multi-day event that gathers car enthusiasts to drive on renowned roads, sometimes covering hundreds of miles. It's not just about the drive; rallies often include private day parties, track days, visits to fine restaurants, nightlife, and excursions—all meticulously coordinated for a memorable experience. They can be organized state-wide, country-wide, or even internationally like the famous Gumball 3000.

How It All Began

Alfa Romeo 4c and two Lamborghinis

My love for rallies dates back to 2017 when I owned an Alfa Romeo 4C and was part of an exotic car club in New York. Those were amazing times, with events nearly every weekend, until I moved to the Carolinas and found myself without my car-loving community. I kept an eye on the Corsa America Rally's website and when their 5-day Florida event popped up, I knew it was time to dive back in.

Prepping for the Rally

A Porsche and Lamborghini being worked on in a Auto Shop

First, the car had to be in top-notch condition. After ensuring that my vehicle was rally-ready, I coordinated with Joe from Certified Motors Tampa to have it shipped in an enclosed trailer. I arrived in Tampa for a pre-rally meetup, which I unfortunately missed due to my late flight. Nevertheless, I picked up my car and rested up for the days ahead.

Rally Launch Event at Maserati

Corsa Rally Event

Day two started off at a Maserati dealership exclusively for the rally. A luxurious line-up of Lamborghinis, McLarens, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and, of course, a squadron of Porsches welcomed us. Before the event started, we dropped off school supplies for a fundraiser and mingled with the crowd. Corsa’s owner Thomas set the stage with a brief speech, and before we knew it, we were off to Orlando, escorted by the Tampa Police Department.

On the Road to Orlando

Supercars driving on a highway

The feeling of roaring down the highway surrounded by high-octane machines is indescribable. Our first stop in Orlando was another Maserati dealership where we lunched and toured Mr. Knight's private collection, which included not only rare sports cars but also—wait for it—actual tanks.

The Stay in Orlando

Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort

We checked into the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort. After a quick car detailing and check-in, we hit the pool and capped the night off with an awesome dinner at Lakehouse.

The Miami Chapter

Green Porsche driving to Miami Beach

Day three took us to Miami Beach, a 231-mile drive along the beautiful Florida coast. We stayed at the Fontainebleau in South Beach, a resort with breathtaking views. The day was filled with poolside drinks, an extraordinary dinner at Mila, and a night at LIV nightclub with a performance by Bryson Tiller.

More Miami Madness

Corsa Rally at LIV in Miami

Day four was supposed to feature Supercar Saturdays at Hard Rock, but after a long night of partying, we opted for a later start. We lunched at La Côte, and after some shopping in the Design District, enjoyed Cuban food at Puerto Sagua. Another night at LIV rounded off our Miami stay.

The Final Day

Green Porsche being loaded into a shipping trailer

On day five, we had the car picked up for shipping back home and wrapped up the trip with breakfast at a restaurant on Collins Avenue before flying back.

Final Thoughts

The Corsa Rally was an unforgettable experience. From private events and gourmet meals to five-star accommodations and more, the value far exceeded the cost. Sharing these moments with like-minded enthusiasts made it even more special. We're already planning our next Corsa adventure and hope you'll consider joining in.

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For more car adventures and travel vlogs, consider subscribing to my channel. Until next time, drive safe and keep revving those engines!


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